Monday, December 06, 2010

Leeds Student Protests Against Fees and Cuts 30/11/12 - Photo Thread

A new profile photo! What a change.

Anyway, I've decided not to write much about the events that occurred on this protest, as I am currently very tired...I'll write more later perhaps. This is just going to be a photo thread.

I didn't take NEARLY enough and missed some perfect opportunities.

I particularly like this's a test for you, can YOU spot the Redwatch photographer? It's the only excuse I can come up with for why he was photographing a lone photographer, aka me.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 11th

Remember, remember, the 11th of November,
Gunpowder, soldiers and mud.
I see of no reason, why, in this season,
We should ever forget, their blood....
-Asmodaeus Parlor- 11/11/10

Monday, October 04, 2010

Changes to be made and oh my God I'm borrred...

I'm stuck at College, in a lesson that I never requested, but the fascist, right-wing, bourgois Tories believe is good for me! How delightfully considerate of them. (Sorry, just thought I'd try living up to the title and indeed original purpose of this blog.)

That and I'm considering transplanting my blog to Wordpress...coz it are better. Oops, tutor...KTHXBAI.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

In regards to my first-ever blog post...

...I failed. I DID give up on my blog. Damn my procrastination.

Yeah, I know...7 months is some SERIOUS procrastination, but I've been dead for most of that. (Creatively at least). SUDDENLY HOWEVER, things are changing. For one, I'm back. Secondly, I'm 18 now, I've cut my hair, I'm in a happy relationship with a wonderful girl (Hello Ceri!) and...oh yeah, I officially finish my 14 years of standardised education as of Friday next week. FUN!

So yeeeees...things HAVE happened in my away-time, namely I screwed up my English course and got kicked off. *Ahem*...I'm a terrible student. Still, I look at it this way...7 months of my life have disappeared, I haven't drawn nearly enough because of the detrimental effect of A-Levels annnnd nobody really cares. So yeah. Let's start again from this point, just in time for the summer hols and my school prom! Huzzah, I know you are entertained.

Oh yeah, met my brother for the first time in 13 years birthday present ever! =D

So...what to, getting back in to this blogging jazz is difficult. Welp, today I am making a birthday card and doing necessary things to succeed in my one remaining A-Level, drama. Tomorrow, I am doing more of the same, sans birthday card. Hm...thrilling stuff I know. Still, it doesn't have to be, this is just my warm-up! You folks just wait and see what I have in store for y'all...(Seriously, WAIT...I have no idea, it hasn't happened yet.) For now, a story I wrote yesterday devoted to the events of my afternoon...ah, not RIGHT now though...internet just died. Back soon.

Ah, there we go, back. Like no time at all for you folks eh? Time travel is a magnificent invention.
So yes...story.

It is a Friday afternoon in early summer when I find her first, the girl at the Piano. No sounds piercing the warm air save for those few tranquil notes betrayed by slender fingers on that melancholy instrument. I run in to the hall where she plays, intruding upon her peace, a crude taint upon the moment. A brief hello and I leave quickly, humiliated at my interruption. In minutes, I find myself back where I entered, drawn only to listen in on her playing, enraptured in the dream she purveys.
20 minutes pass by so quickly, unnoticed by me, as with the people who pass me by as I lean against a corridor wall, swimming in the water of phonics, lost in my mind and the piano girls music, enjoying every second as if it were an hour in the experience. The music breaks, the dream has ended, woven to its point, but I remain transfixed on memory alone, lost, but content. Eyes closed, I hear the piano girl close her instrument, collect her music, and walk away. I know she passes me and I believe she sees me, shocked at my hiding, though I say nothing. I want to applaud her, to tell her she has captured my heart and may keep it, sealed within a gilded cage should she so desire, but please, play on. I say none of these things, settling instead to bask in the resulting silence, savouring those sweet, luxurious tones…
An exultant, raucous noise, harsh on the ears, rips me bodily from my illusion and I stand, collect my possessions and move on my way, dream shattered. The memory stays with me as I walk home though, the music from my headphones blanked out completely by the music already in my head.
Home and I sit here now, music fading slowly as memories equally do and I write this, hoping to hold some of the beauty of the piano girls music in my words for others to understand, though I fear I create only a frail image at best.
Pianissimo. The word to describe that whole moment and the architect thereof. The girl, her music, the caress of her fingers over the keys and the light that danced so carefully over her features as she played. All …pianissimo.

Hope y'all enjoyed that little bit of filler. I'm orf now to finish this birthday card etc. I'll write again tomorrow with any luck.

Good to be back folks, a view to the future;


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Humanoid robots, girls in mini-skirts and way too much Universe... the recipe for some strange kind of an evenin'.

So yeah, turns out I've been stuck in a sci-fi day today. Totally unintentional I swear, but you know how it is. I finished reading the 3rd installment in the "Science Of Discworld" series and proceeded to do large and unproductive amounts of NOTHING all day. Found new webcomic, it is quite entertaining; (Also, REALLY appropriate for today...see the title of the webpage for more.)
After spending several hours reading aforementioned comic (I'm still at it, which is why it is past 22:00 as I write this.) I stopped to watch an Anime on the shadowy pit of demonary that is Youtube, the people's cesspit of self-broadcast idiocy. Despite it's traits, Youtube can supply we of the common citizenry with some half-decent viewing at times. Such a time is today, with "FLCL", an animation series written by Yoji Enokido, directed by
Kazuya Tsurumaki and produced by the FLCL Production Committee, which included Gainax, Production I.G., and Starchild Records.
FLCL follows Naota Nandaba, a twelve-year-old boy living in the fictional Japanese suburb of Mabase, and his interactions with Haruko Haruhara, who arrives in the quiet suburb, drawn by the industrial town houses and the Medical Mechanica building. Much madness ensues, but you'll have to watch it to find out. Very few stereotypes here, all pretty fresh and exciting annnnd...twisted as hell really. XD You may enjoy, there are only 6 episodes in the playlist.
Robots are are girls in mini-skirts...and crazy exploding things. Awesome soundtrack too.

So...the final bit of Sci-Fi would of course have to be...DOCTOR WHO.
Yes, he's back and...emotional. Ah, but Tennant rocks the role to Kingdom come and back as always. =D A total surprise and happy times all round.

Oh yes, you go, you listen to this, you report back in the comments section below. Created by the devilish DJ.DR.DB. (T3H N3CR0B4RN53R)

Now...I have school tomorrow and work still to do so...I leave. The real fun starts tomorrow folks so...have faith!!! I told you my weekends were boring.

Have fun, yours;


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lea & Perrin's...God's answer to...well, pretty much everything really. really is. Well, apart from Australia...even God doesn't have an answer for that.

To begin, a spontaneous poem;

A young girl stands alone in the street,
surrounded by thousands,
violin case at her feet.

Holding her instrument tight to her neck,
she prepares for a melody,
without stopping to check.

Because the girl's violin is tuned to an art,
every string upon is as frail as her heart,
though the music alone takes the lead in its part.

She plays through the day well in to the night,
with angelic precision,
she puts shadows to flight.

Calming the souls of all those around,
though they seem to ignore her,
thier coins answer the sound.

She stops her tune at the end of the day,
picks up her money,
and puts her equipment away.

Where do you go young Violin girl,
when people have left you,
and you've let your music unfurl?

A bit awry I know, but it was written quickly. I devote this to the beautiful young woman I saw playing the Violin (Oh really, you mean you'd already guessed this bit?) that I saw today whist I was in town. Her music was truly amazing, so pure and it filled the streets as I walked. It made me smile.

Now, to business. I apologise for not posting yesterday, but I didn't get back till well after 23:00 so it was out of the question. My reason for my late-night return? My jawsome sister and her partner invited me to the cinema to watch "2012". A good film for the special effects, but the fact used within is...flimsy (I've been researching ALL theories relating to 2012 that I can find for the past 3ish years, I know a thing or two about it.) and its a bit too romanticised by the characters who could EASILY be disposed of (most of them were...XD)...but I won't give anything away and I'll let you judge for yourself.

Today, I slept in. Then, I woke up. After sitting at the computer for a while, deciding on today's music playlist, despite knowing that I wouldn't be here long enough to listen through, I went to town to...dare I say it...CHRISTMAS SHOP.
Yes folks, its time to come out of hiding and stand up to that great ugly-headed corporate monster that is a 21st century Christmas in the middle of an Economocrunch. (Economocrunch copyright to ME 2K9.) I bought some stuff, including a knecklace for a certain lady whom I really hope doesn't/won't read my blog purely because of this sentence.

Wait...since when was "necklace" spelled with a k? Ah well, I'll leave it there for posterity's sake.

Now, though I have drawn MECHA-HAWKING (see blogpost 12/11/09) I haven't got a suitable scan yet to post, so bare with me. (It has been agreed between myself, Luke Owen, Daniel Walls and others, that MECHA-HAWKING could easily kick MECHA-JEBUS' ass in a fight...this is also why MECHA-HAWKING scares Luke so.)

Other than that, not much to say. My weekends are boring. Especially when I sleep through most of them. One thing though, when I'm in town, I DO WISH PEOPLE WOULD STOP ASKING ME FOR MONEY...I'm always going to give it too you if you look like you need it. (It happened three times today...)

Argh. I'm off to bed.

Have fun, yours;


Thursday, November 12, 2009

The tale of Phluffball and the intelligence-enhancing Smarties.

So yers, turnses owt thatt Smartees mekez yoo cleverable...welp, according to the great PHILosopher Phil "Phluffball" Salter they do anyway.
Testifying that "they must make you intelligent because well, look at that Justin Hawkins, wait...Steven Hawking. He ate Smarties when he was a kid and now he' a wheelchair...but he's really clever!" Phil proved to me only one thing; if its true, he still has to eat a lot of Smarties. (XD Sorry Phluff.)

From here, the conversation went on to Hawking as a superhero, with Phil suggesting the character of "Wheelchair Access Man" whereas I said he was using the LHC as a ploy to make himself immortal inside a giant mech-suit (drawing later) a bit like a Dreadnought from Warhammer 40000 (Themz were the dayz.). He'd have a mahoosive power-glove and such...being seriously kickass-awesome for long after the Apocalypse.

Oh yeah...Phil makes really bad hot-chocolate and evidently cannot use a spoon to any effectiveness, but can very easily scald the flesh from my bones with the hot water...

However, mockery aside, I must say how much I love my dear Phluffball. He has been my friend and confidante for 14 years now, and has stood by me every step of the way, in case I'll buy him something to eat. XD Nah, he's awesome, seriously. He has to be, I mean, theres a certain, undeniable Godliness about a man that can eat 2 whole packets of polos at once (Admittedly he spat half back out in a sticky blob of Poloey goodness...but we all have our limits.) and give himself instant brainfreeze after eating certain frozen foods that were never meant to be eaten in that way.
There you go Phil, my blogological testament to your awesomness is complete, can I carry on now?

In other news...I got really hyper around lunch today and played rocketman by running high-speed around campus. People complained. Actually, now I consider it, I've been hyper most of the day...trying a slamdunk (rubbish to bin) earlier and put so much force behind it that I crashed in to a door, much to the distaste of Kris Wright. Why oh why Kris did you "hope that hurt"? IT DID NOT AFFECT YOU! ARGH!

Anyhoo...Drama project appears to be going well, with plans well set and starting to gain meat, but seriously guys (up to this point, I've written 'seriously'... 3 times? I must be a very serious person.) STOP BITCHING ABOUT BEING BITCHED ABOUT BECAUSE YOU BITCHED ABOUT THE OTHER GROUP. Its REALLY. REALLY. ANNOYING.

Blargh...don't feel good...think I may go lie down again and listen to Nickelback (they ARE good i tell you) while I read my book. I wonder what the Leed's cursedmas lights are like this evening...

Oh yeah, here be some pictures I drew last night/today (For those seeing this early, I'll try replace these photos with HD scans later if I can.);

"It was dawn, and the tree was full of Wizards." - from 'The Science of Discworld; The Globe' by Terry Pratchett.

"Being an 8 foot tall, pink rabbit has no advantages against the wrath of tiny Zombies." - An 'Arthur The Happy Rabbit' comic. (One of my long standing characters.)

Hrm...I can't believe these are what Blogspot calls "LARGE" images. You can barely see the detail.


Have fun, yours;